Jokes about Sikhs (Sardars, SantaBanta)

We know only a little part of it, and we feel proud to state it here.

- Sikh community contributes approx 27% of tax in National Capital & 24% Nation Wide.

- Sikh battalion of Indian Army is known as the Wall of India.

- Sikhs in Punjab are responsible for agriculture that produce approx 27% of cereal in India.

- Many of top businesses in India are founded and operated by Sikhs; ex- Ranbaxy.

- They also contributes 10% of their earnings to Sikh-Temples: Gurudwaras!

- Sikh community is the only which can be found in almost every industry.

Last but not least;
we never have seen any Sikh begging on streets.

For the record of Sikh Jokes: They enjoy it more than you.